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4.10 citizen knope / 5.22 are you better off? / 6.19 flu season 2

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I thought I was upset because my parents are insane, but Ron just showed me the real reason.

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"If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I bet they’d live a lot differently. When you look into infinity, you realize there are more important things than what people do all day."
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And no matter what you say, I’m going to be in love with you for the rest of my life. There’s no way out of that. That’s just a physical law of the universe. You own me.

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"In my time working for the state government, my job sent me to 46 cities in 11 years. I lived in villages with 8 people, rural farming communities, college towns. I was sent to every corner of Indiana, and then I came here. And I realized that this whole time I was just wandering around everywhere, just looking for you."

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Pirate ghosts of yore. #fog #baltimore #innerharbor  (at Baltimore Museum of Industry)

Pirate ghosts of yore. #fog #baltimore #innerharbor (at Baltimore Museum of Industry)

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